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A good while back I was obsessed with the old blues player, 'Leadbelly, The King of the 12 String'. And while reading his biography I found a line where he described this woman he was after as a, regular wildcat. She was someone he was attracted to but didn't know why, a free spirit who was always just out of his reach.

That description jumped out at me and at the time,
I could think of no greater compliment; it summed up
in two words everything I could strive to be: wild, free, imperfect, independent. So I took his words
as my creative moniker.

As time went on, 'Regular Wildcat' became a sort of adjective to describe the things I was making. Whether they were crazily knitted scarves, hand-sewn surfboard bags, black and white photographs or loose drawings, chances are if they were born from my hands they were immediate, a little wild and just slightly imperfect.

Nowadays, I admit my style to be a shade more
refined but still totally regular wildcat.

Regular Wildcat Michele Lockwood
Regular Wildcat Photography

Photographs by Michele Lockwood

Kirigama Lanterns

Hand cut, Kirigama-style lantern made from remnant leather pieces insuring each one is a one-of-a-kind piece. Suspended from the ceiling, these lanterns are ideal for hanging potted plants, cut flowers, ceramics or candles.

22" L x 6" W x 6" D
Holds approximately 10lbs
Handmade in Australia

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Regular Wildcat Lantern
Regular Wildcat Artworks

Artworks by Michele Lockwood

Michele Lockwood is a freelance writer, designer, surfer and artist.
She says, 'My life has been punctuated by a lot of extremes. I've learned not to plan too far into the future because you never know what might be waiting on the next page. When I was younger, I was in
Larry Clark's film KIDS and now I have kids. I grew up trudging the concrete streets of New York City and now live on a green hilltop in rural New South Wales, Australia. Life can be weird, if you let it be.'

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